CoreMelt Product Reviews

Oliver Peters Digitalfilms - SliceX powered by Mocha

"It’s a must-have filter if you are serious about professional results with Final Cut Pro X"

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Pro Video Coalition - SliceX

"SliceX powered by Mocha is a must have for FCP X"

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Mikey Boucherou - SliceX

"there is not a single plugin that does it as eloquently and effortlessly as Slice X"

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EditingWhiz - SliceX

" Overall I am really satisfied with SliceX for Final Cut Pro X. CoreMelt did an amazing job with the amount of tools and customization that this plugin offers"

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FCP X Pro University - Extra Credit - SliceX

" I love this, I’ve been testing it out for the past two hours and I am simply blown away! “Slice X” from CoreMelt is the best thing to happen to FCP X since Multicam clips and Paste Attributes. This is one of the best plugin collections I’ve ever seen for FCP X. I highly recommend it! "

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FCP X Pro University - Extra Credit

"I’ve just run through the final release versions, and I’m just blown away.  You can save your own presets, in FCP X there are on-screen controls in the Viewer.  Controls that give you incredible control.  A LOT to chose from in the Complete collection.  And for only $199, it’s an unbeatable value!"

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Post Magazine Logo

"Within minutes of downloading I was tracking and stabilizing with ease"

"In a few short weeks CoreMelt’s Lock & Load motion tracking and stabilization plug-in has become my go-to solution for complex tracking and stabilization needs."

TG Herrington, Post Magazine




digitalfilms logo

"V2 is a great addition to the editor's toolkit at a really low price."

"These filters run fast on the laptop and adjustments are responsive. Plus, these filters are just plain fun to work with."
Oliver Peters, Digital Films Blog




studio monthly logo

"What if an editor can only afford one plug-in package? CoreMelt would be near the top of the list, as you get a great variety of tools for the price."
Scott Simons, Studio Monthly



macworld logo

"The breadth of CoreMelt Complete's filters is excellent."

Neil Bennett, Macworld



event dv logo

"Lock and Load is the best motion stabilisation plug-in I've used."
Ben Balser, Event DV




videography logo 

"If you are posting a lot of handheld 5D jobs, then this is an essential item in the toolkit..." 
Videography Magazine



digitalfilms logo

"...Lock & Load X becomes an indispensable tool for editors posting a lot of Canon and Nikon projects."
Oliver Peters - DigitalFilms Blog



ken stones logo

"Bottom line here is that CoreMelt's Lock & Load was incredibly easy to use and as intuitive as you can get. Very well worth the purchase!"
Steve Douglas, Ken Stone's FCP



fcp daily logo

"the best overall stabilizer we’ve ever used and for the money, Lock and Load X is worth every penny."




Jonathan Shuler logo

"As a stabilizer, I have never used a better product than Lock and Load X."
Jonathon Shuler, Multimedia Journalist