The CoreMelt Complete V2 pack has over 150 plugins for FCP X, or use Motion 5 to use the full range of 220+ plugins. CoreMelt Lock & Load X is now available in FCP XInstall CoreMelt Complete V2 or CoreMeltFREE! to get 10 free transitions in FCP X. Free transitions appear in the category "C2 Free Templates".  Your license is also valid in FCP7, Premeire Pro and After Effects. 

V2 2.7 Update: New FCP X onscreen controls, custom shape masks and three new plugins.

Free update for Existing Customers.

CoreMelt Complete V2 2.7 includes Shape Masks to allow you to quickly limit plugins areas to custom shapes without having to go into Motion or create masks in an external program.  There is also three new plugins under "C2 Gadget" category in the effects browser, "Shape Mask Layer", "Directional Spotlight" and "Local Contrast".  Other plugins in Editors Tools have new onscreen controls including custom overlays in C2 Pigment plugins.

NEW: Shape Masks in FCP X

Most of the plugins in Editors Tools V2 and Motion Graphics Box V2 now include the "use mask" checkbox as shown above.  Ticking this box enables our onscreen Shape Mask editor enabling you to draw custom shapes to limit the effects of the plugin.  Click on the ? icon in the onscreen controls for further information.


FCP X Specific Details: Access Help, Registration and Presets with On Screen Controls

To access registration, help and presets in FCP X, use the on screen controls that appear over the image at bottom as shown above.  These OSC only appear when the plugin is selected in the inspector and do not appear when playing the clip or in renders or exports.

Please note that plugins in FCP X are only available through Motion Templates and that custom parameters are not available.  Due to this limitation ImageFlow Fx, VeeYou and some other plugins are not available in FCP X.  You can use these plugins in Motion 5 or in FCP 7,  Premeire Pro or AE on the same machine.  

Watch the video to see an overview of extra transitions for FCP X users