Motion Graphics Box V2 - Grunge, distort, & 3D filters & effects

"... sounds like Shatter and Luminous are going to become good friends of mine!!"
John Dickinson

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Motion Graphics Box V2 2.7 Update includes new FCP X onscreen controls, and custom shape masks.  See here for details.


Delta V LogoLuminous
Glows & Blurs

From a Coreglow to God Rays or simply a fast camera de-focus, Luminous will make your project sparkle!

TRX LogoShatter
Grunge & Stylised

Grunge, glitch, shatter and dirty up that beautifully perfect footage with an assortment of plugins aimed at making clean footage look good!



View a Creative Cow tutorial video on how to use Luminous glows & blurs to add spice to titles:

Motion Graphics Box V2 Plugins: