CoreMelt Editors Tools V2 - Color Correction & Essential Utilities

"They're actually very practical, purposeful, and powerful filters that can go beyond what FCP's stock color filters are capable of."
Ben Balser
Event DV

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Editors Tools V2 2.7 Update includes new FCP X onscreen controls, custom shape masks and three new plugins.  See here for details.

Advanced color correction and editing tools, without leaving the timeline.

For all you editing pro's out there, here is a suite containing both color correction tools and essential video utilities that help solve every day challenges faced by editors and artists alike.

"I teach Color and know full well how much more sensitive the controls in Color are to the controls in FCP’s color correctors. When doing grading and correction, that sensitivity is vital to getting the ultra subtle nuances that make or break a color grade.

The controls in Pigment’s color filters are very sensitive. I was blown away at how subtle I could get with them." Ben Balser - Event DV

Made just for you, these tools offer intuitive curve controls for detailed manipulation of color and tonal values, graphical multi-sliders, vector masks and frames for easy rendering at any settings, all accessible from within the Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Express timeline.



Gadget LogoGadget Essential Utilities

Gadget is the swiss army knife of editors tools.

Everything from barcode generators to creating a drop shadow to a debayer tool, all you need is right there in the box.

Pigment LogoPigment
Color Tools

Pigment is an advanced set of color correction tools that can be added directly to your FCP timeline so you don't have to break your workflow to get that shot looking just right.


Editors Tools Plugins:

Watch a tutorial on color grading using our Pigment Color Correction Tools.

Learn how to correct common problems like flat footage, incorrect color balance and specific color problems. 


Watch how to do a 'sky replace' using the Gadget effects, included in this package of plugins.