Download CoreMelt Products - Including Free plugins

All CoreMelt products are Mac OS X only. Please note the downloads here are the trial versions, full commercial versions and updates. Software works as trial for 15 days.  Entering your serial removes the watermark.  Download and re-run latest installer to update.

Product Installers

Lock & Load X Installer 1.6e
17/6/14 (FCP X 10.1.3)

Fast and robust stabiliser for FCP X, AE and Premiere Pro

Download Lock & Load X

SliceX TrackX powered by mocha Installer
17/6/14 (FCP X 10.1.3)

Track and Mask using the power of mocha

Download SliceX / Track X

CoreMelt V2 Set + Lock & Load Installer V2 2.8 17/6/14

Over 220 plugins, all eight CoreMelt V2 products

Download CoreMelt V2 Range of Products

CoreMelt FREE! 17/6/14

44 completely free plugins, no watermarks or time limits. Includes ActiveText (10 plugins).

Download CoreMelt FREE!

Image Flow FX V2, PolyChrome V2, Editors Tools V2 and Motion Graphics Box V2

These products are included inside CoreMelt Complete V2. You can choose to only install individual products.

System Requirements

  • Mac computer running Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later (Lion requires 10.7.2 or later)
  • Intel processor
  • CoreImage capable 128MB graphics card.
  • 256MB graphics card required for HD rendering

One of the following hosts:

  • Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 or later / Final Cut Pro 7.0.3
  • Motion 5, Motion 4
  • Final Cut Express 4.0.1
  • Adobe After Effects CS3-CS6 or CC / 2014
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS4-CS6 or CC